Yachting holidays – Gallery

Have look at our selection of photographs. They show some of the wonderful sights and scenery that you are very likely to see on your  Caribbean yachting holidays. The Caribbean is a most amazing place. So if you like taking pictures you will be spoilt for choice. We have beautiful blue seas that change from navy to turquoise to green and every shade in between, soft white sand and an abundance of local colour. If you like under water photography or you have a GoPro then this yachting holidays is the ideal place for you. On your Caribbean yachting holidays you will visit Tobago Cays where you can swim with and photograph the turtles and reef fish.  Stingrays spend all day around the beach and you can swim beside them and watch them feed. On land you can photograph iguanas and tortoises as well pelicans and and the amazing frigate birds.  Join us for your Caribbean yachting holidays.

I love photography and so I will be more than happy to snap away during your Caribbean yachting holidays so that you go home with an amazing gallery of memories. We also have a GoPro on board that you can use if you wish to try your hand at under water photography during your Caribbean yachting holidays.

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yachting holidays camera

Check out the official GoPro site for all those tips and information. I shall be buying one of the new floatable handles for next season. If you want help with your GoPro during your Caribbean holiday I’m more than happy to help.

“Seeing the ‘real’ Caribbean has been incredible – We will remember this holiday forever!”